Care For Your Skin

More and more women are falling in love with the professional line of skin care products that we have to offer. From cleansers and moisturizers to masks and makeup, the road to healthier, more beautiful skin starts with us.

Cleansing Systems

DefenAge is the only skin care line thatmage_1890567_right utilizes Age-Repair Defensins® – a unique blend of powerful regenerative peptides combined with supporting molecules. These defensins “communicate” directly with your skin’s master stem cells to unlock the skin’s age-corrective potential, reducing the skin’s visible age by up to 18 years. The result is noticeably brighter, younger-looking skin.

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Vivier is one of the world’s leading lines of professional skin care products, with brands including VivierSkin, VivierSkin Platine and SkinTx. Recommended by dermatologists, Vivier products are specially formulated with skin-friendly ingredients to address a number of concerns, from dry, sensitive skin and acne to rosacea and the effects of aging. Vivier brings a pharmaceutical approach to skin care, resulting in high-end skin care products that are tested and proven to bring out the best in your skin.*

Mineral Makeup

Trusted by professionals, loved by all. Jane Iredale knew that what you put on your skin can change you, so more than 25 years ago she decided to make a change for the better. She envisioned a line that was good for the skin with clean ingredients, skin-loving benefits, and no fade performance.

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