For near-perfect eyebrows, you can create the look you want with pencils, gels, brushes, powders, and pommades. There’s certainly no shortage of beauty products available to help you achieve your desired look. But here’s the catch: You have to repeat this lengthy eyebrow endeavor every day! And the results aren’t waterproof, sweatproof, or smudgeproof.

We think there’s a better way to get beautifully shaped, perfectly full, nicely arched eyebrows. Here at Sublime Aesthetic Professionals in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, we offer microblading for the best brows ever. Discover how after this simple aesthetic procedure, you can effortlessly have beautiful brows every day.

Microblading is a semi-permanent approach to awesome eyebrows

Microblading is much more gratifying than using the best eyebrow pencils and gels you can buy because it lasts longer than a day. In fact, microblading often lasts 1-3 years, depending on your skin type, level of sun exposure, lifestyle, and skin-care routine. Can you imagine waking up to perfectly shaped eyebrows every morning without the hassle of an eyebrow makeup routine?

Here’s how microblading works

At your initial appointment, one of our highly skilled aesthetics professionals discusses your eyebrow goals with you. Then, she measures and draws the shape of your eyebrows, based on your preferences. Once you approve of the overall look, we help you choose a pigment that’s appropriate for your skin tone and hair coloring.

After the prep work, we apply a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable, and begin the microblading process. This involves a tiny, pen-like tool that contains fine needles, similar to a tattoo artist’s tool, but even more precise. With the special microblading pen, your aesthetic specialist can create fine strokes of ink that resemble individual eyebrow hairs.

These microbladed “hairs” can blend with your natural eyebrow hair, or they can create natural-looking eyebrows if you have only a few or no natural hairs of your own.

While a tattoo is permanent, the ink we use for microblading is less concentrated and specially formulated just for designing your ideal eyebrows. We also take your face shape and natural eyebrow arch into consideration so the end result is an effect that looks perfect for your facial structure and coloring. That being said, our experienced aesthetic professionals can create the look you want – from natural to beautifully bold.

Thicker, perfectly shaped brows really are that simple

Immediately following your appointment and for about a week or so, we recommend specific aftercare that helps your eyebrows heal after microblading and ensures that your results last as long as possible. You apply antiseptic ointment to your brows for about a week, and keep your eyebrows dry during that time. You won’t want to swim, tan, or wear makeup while your eyebrows are in the initial healing stage.

It’s also important to note that your eyebrows go through various stages of healing. Your brow skin may even peel a bit, and the pigment might look darker than you originally wanted. But this is just part of the healing process. In a few weeks, the eyebrow pigment softens and reveals its true color.

We recommend giving your eyebrows 4-6 weeks to fully heal after microblading, and then coming back to Sublime Aesthetic Professionals for a follow-up appointment. At that time, we can touch up any areas that need more pigment, if necessary. Then you’re good to go until you decide you want another touch-up six, eight, or even 12 months later.

If you’re ready to put your eyebrow pencils, gels, and pommades to rest so you can streamline your beauty routine and finally have the best brows ever, then microblading is for you. Give our friendly team a call at 701-587-3537 to schedule a consultation, or click here to request an appointment online.

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