Body contouring is a truly revolutionary and noninvasive way to contour and sculpt your body closer to your desired physique without surgery or downtime. The highly trained nurses and aesthetic specialists of Sublime Aesthetic Professionals offer effective body contouring solutions at East Grand Forks, Minnesota. From Kybella®, CoolSculpting® and Transform by InMode, Sublime Aesthetic Professionals provides great ways to banish stubborn fat from different areas of the body. Call or schedule online to find out more.

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What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a term for surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures designed to contour, sculpt, and shape your body to help you address your cosmetic concerns and get closer to achieving your aesthetic goals.

Many people choose body contouring treatments following weight loss to tighten up areas of resistant and stubborn fat.

What are some of the available body contouring options?

Sublime Aesthetic Professionals provides different types of body contouring — CoolSculpting and Kybella — to help you combat that excess fat that won’t budge even with your hard work and efforts of exercise and diet.


Kybella is an FDA-approved prescription medicine to enhance the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat under the chin. Kybella is an injection that specifically destroys the fat cells with the main active ingredient – synthetic deoxycholic acid. The deoxycholic acid molecule is naturally occurring in your body and assists in the absorption and breakdown of dietary fat.

Kybella destroys fat cells so the cells can’t accumulate or store fat. Your Sublime specialist administers small injections under your chin in a quick 15 to 20-minute in-office treatment. Multiple injections might be needed for best results and treatments must be spaced about one month apart.


CoolSculpting involves safely freezing unwanted fat away with long-lasting results usually in just one treatment. Your body naturally eliminates the unwanted fat cells over time. CoolSculpting can reduce fat on the inner or outer thighs, under the chin, the abdominal area, and more. In some cases, multiple body areas can be treated at the same time.


The technology of Transform by InMode has the power to provide two procedures in one simple office visit. By combining bipolar radiofrequency energy (RF) with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), Transform offers body contouring and muscle toning using a single applicator. Get sculpted abs and a lifted, defined buttocks through one convenient, nonsurgical technology.

What are the benefits of noninvasive body contouring?

Noninvasive body contouring allows you to finally remove that stubborn fat and shape your body. If you’re unhappy with the shape of certain areas and would like to reduce fat, tone, and tighten, noninvasive body contouring is a successful solution.

Invasive body contouring, like liposuction, comes with risks, but noninvasive body contouring like the CoolSculpting system doesn’t have these risks and can often be completed in your lunch hour. Noninvasive body contouring treatments can give you a confidence boost without the need for incisions, downtime, or scarring.

To find out what body contouring treatment is right for you, book your personal consultation today. Call Sublime Aesthetic Professionals or schedule online.